Here you’ll find fun facts and contact information for the current PennPals board.

Isabella Rolla


Isabella is a senior in Wharton from Connecticut. Her favorite things to do with her PennPal are taking him to sports games including basketball and football games. Isabella’s favorite moment with her PennPal was teaching him how to ice skate. In her free time she also plays club soccer.

Amanda Chin


Amanda is a junior in the College as a biochemistry major. She has lived in the quaint town of Short Hills, New Jersey her entire life, so coming to live in a big, exciting city like Philly was quite the change. In her free time, she loves to relax and watch the Food Network constantly. And of course, she loves hanging out with her pal. They often go on walks and enjoy hot chocolate dates, especially during the chilly months in the fall and winter.

Abigail Kleva

Activities Coordinator

Abby is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Science, Technology & Society. A North Carolina native, she enjoys exploring Philadelphia and finding an adventure. She and her pal Jaylin often play sports together and trek around Penn’s campus chasing the crazy squirrels (Jaylin’s favorite).

Arjun Mahadevan

Activities Coordinator

Arjun, born in Cardiff, Wales, before moving to Boston, MA, is a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Wharton and the College. Arjun is a huge sports fan (all Boston teams) and can be found watching Patriots games every Sunday. Outside of PennPals, Arjun is in the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau, where he is the Academic Chair, and he is a peer tutor at the Writing Center.

Sasha “The Stone” Stone

Activities Coordinator

Sasha grew up in Westin, Connecticut. She is majoring in Bioengineering and loves it. In her free time she reads books, spends time with children, and saves the world. She doesn’t mentor much, but when she does it’s with PennPals. Stay Classy, Philadelphia.

Melissa Riegel


Melissa is a senior BBB major in the College, and (unfortunately) hails from the state of New Jersey. In her very limited spare time, she serves as the Panhellenic Delegate for her sorority and works as a research assistant in the Adolescent Division of CHOP. One of her favorite things she does with her PennPal is spending hours (and many quarters) in the arcade on 40th and Spruce. William and Melissa have both discovered a passion for shooting and killing countless zombies.

Layla Rashid

Fundraising Chair

Layla is a junior majoring in Economics with a minor in Spanish. She is from Danbury, Connecticut, but she spent much of her time in New York City during her childhood as well. She loves to go on long runs (surprisingly), and even makes it a habit by participating in Penn Running Club. Layla likes to read, travel new places, and listen to music. She and her pal love showcasing their new favorite songs together.

Zachary Weiner


Zack is a senior in the College from New York City. He loves taking his PennPal to Penn Athletics events and cool places around Philadelphia. His Pal, Marshawn, never ceases to amaze Zack with his kindness and sincerity. Zack and his pal like singing Lupe Fiasco together and playing chess.

Phoebe Wang

Community Outreach Chair

Phoebe is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, where she studies psychology. In her free time, Phoebe enjoys cycling, allergen-free baking, and collecting hubcaps (off the road, not cars). She also enjoys climbing giant button sculptures with her PennPal.

Grace Wang

CHAC Representative & Webmaster

Grace is a senior in the M&T program, studying Computer Science and Finance. She’s from Northern Virginia (not to be confused with the rest of Virginia) but usually fudges and says she’s from DC. Her Penn Pal is Sabrea, who she loves to bake and watch Beyonce videos with. When she’s not in class or hanging out with her PennPal, Grace likes to cook, read, and hack.

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